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Through natural fermentation Gas 2 Feed AS copies nature to make sustainable food


Gas 2 Feed replicate nature by recycling carbon using green energy to make food. Carbon is vital and present in all aspects of our everyday life, in food as well as materials. By using biotechnology, we G2F capture and convert CO2 into nutritional proteins for the use in aquaculture. Doing this we copy nature, making carbon circular.


Gas 2 feed will use CO2 from closed fish farms as a unique source of biogenic CO2. This CO2 is ready for use in a microbiological process without any pre-treatment. Doing this G2F produce a high-quality protein ingredient from a cheap source of carbon. As the energy used is green this is a first example of carbon recirculation that is truly circular without any fossil influence. In the future CO2 from air will be included adding up the source of green CO2 to unlimited volumes, and nature is truly copied.


Gas 2 feed is pushing the boundaries of effective, sustainable and quality protein production.


The process of G2F produce food and feed without climate footprint. CO2 is recycled together with green hydrogen, and the technology can be established on non-farmable land and will produce the same amount of food on an acreage usage 1000 – 2000 times less than current agriculture. As Hydrogen is an input the only by-product is water making this process almost water neutral.

By natural fermentation Gas 2 Feed transform elements found in the air and water and convert them into nutritious protein. By introducing our new concept for food production Gas 2 Feed will produce food and feed without a fossil footprint. Such food production is done in a matter of days instead of months, and without the reliance of agricultural land.



Richard Johnsens Gate 4, 4021 Stavanger, tlf +47 911 72 734

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CO2 and bacteria - the foundation of our existence - now in fish farming

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