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The core of the technology is specialized microorganisms that can capture and convert CO2 into a valuable product. With its dedicated reactor G2F has developed a unique and efficient system for making a high-quality nutritional protein. The process is continuous allowing production of industrial volumes of nutritional proteins.

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The future of protein production

G2F work with its sister company EcoFishCirle AS to establish a circular use of carbon. EFC operates land-based fish farms and has developed a propriety technology for CO2 removal from sea water. This will supply G2F with biogenic CO2 as well as being an off-taker of protein.


Further G2F will use green hydrogen and oxygen using the highly efficient electrolysers developed by Hydrogen Pro.


The Product

The product is a microbial biomass containing 70% or more of crude protein. Further it contains 6% - 8% fat in the form of phospholipids, 5%-7% minerals of high bioavailability, and 6-8% fiber. The product has a good amino acid profile resembling fish meal with high digestibility.


Use of the product

This microbial biomass has good properties as a protein ingredient in feed for various species. Due to its high protein content, fat and minerals of high bioavailability it is a good source of protein in feed formulations dependent on high protein and fat density.

The G2F technology recycle CO2 reducing the carbon footprint from various industries.  Using biogenic CO2 together with green hydrogen and oxygen will produce a carbon neutral feed ingredient.
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