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PROTEIN without footprint


«CO2Protein» will solve the largest and most significant environmental impact of the Norwegian and global aquaculture industry, which is the quest for sustainable and circular feed ingredients. Today feed represents up to 70%-90% of a salmon’s environmental footprint. This technology will create a sustainable protein without carbon footprint that will be used directly into feed, and thus significantly reduce the CO2 footprint for the aquaculture industry. With the Norwegian governments ambition to produce 5 million tones salmon by 2050 the potential reduction will be large. A sustainable protein can also have huge impact for agriculture with the large feed consumption from cattle, chicken and pigs.


If Norway's production is to be increased up to 5 million tonnes per year, onshore production will have to become a significant player in order to realize the increase. By co-locating EFC / G2F facilities, we can create a circular system for carbon that will significantly reduce carbon emissions from fish farming.

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